Singer Faith Alexa Addresses Recent TikTok Drama Regarding Her Relationship

Faith Alexa

Faith Alexa is a name that has been making rounds on the internet lately. She is a talented musician based in Nashville. The rising singer has a strong presence on social media, mainly on TikTok. From her TikTok handle, Alexa showcases her lifestyle. 

Being famous on TikTok is a good point, but sometime it may also affect one's personal life. Currently, Alexa is getting people's attention when the topic of her fake relationship circulates on the platform. Rumors regarding her past affairs dragged her into the controversy.

So, Alexa finally addressed everything about the TikTok drama. But before discussing that, let's get to know something about Faith Alexa.

Who Is Faith Alexa on TikTok?

Faith Alexa is a talented musician from Nashville. She released her debut EP named, Somebody New in 2021. Some of her tracks include North Carolina and In My Dreams. Regarding her education, Alexa is studying at Belmont University.

She recently gave an interview to pro country music where Alexa opened up about her plans and musical career. Alexa was interested in country music from an early age as her parents are huge fans of it. She also takes inspiration from Taylor Swift as she and her mom listened to her songs. 

Taking inspiration from Taylor Swift, Alexa began writing songs. She wrote a song when she was 12 years old. Finally, in April 2020, she released her debut single named Sunshine. Her top-streamed song on Spotify is Green. The song also earned her a spot as a finalist in the 2021 Grammy U Songwriter Showcase. 

As said earlier, Alexa is enrolled at Belmont University, where she is taught by Grammy-nominated professors. 

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Faith Alexa Opens Up About Her Recent TikTok Drama - What Happened?

Faith Alexa is in the limelight due to her recent TikTok video. A TikToker under the username @jcubed interviewed Alexa and her fiance on New Year's Eve. Alexa was asked about her relationship experiences. 

Alexa's video got viral as the video suggested that she had so many boyfriends in the past that she apparently lost count. In JCubed's video, her responses were heavily edited, making it appear that her relationship history was more nefarious than it actually is. 

Due to that, people were making weird assumptions about her and her past relationships in the video's comments section. However, Alexa finally opened up about it and addressed all the ongoing TikTok drama. Alexa posted a video on TikTok on January 2, 2023, titled, "moral of the story don't make assumptions about people after a 15-second video. Thank u, goodbye."

In the video, Alexa opened up about her experience in that interview. She said that the video was heavily edited, which left people thinking that she had multiple affairs in the past. However, there is no fact about it. As she is engaged to her fiance, she received backlash while many people also supported Alexa. So, we can also say that she is engaged to her fiance and is happy with him.

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Faith Alexa Is Engaged to CJ Streicher

Faith Alexa is engaged to her boyfriend turned fiance CJ Streicher. In a video, Alexa said they had been together for three years. Streicher kneeled down to propose to Alexa on July 2022.

Faith Alexa and CJ
CJ proposed to Faith Alexa near a beach ( Source: Instagram )

After accepting the proposal, she wore the engagement ring. Not only that, but Alexa also shared the happy news with the world after sharing a series of photos on Instagram. We can follow her on IG as @faithalexah.