Who Is Gabrielle Stone Boyfriend, Taymour Ghazi? Details About Her Love Life and Marriage

Gabrielle Stone and Taymour Ghazi

Gabrielle Stone is a well-known actress, director, writer, and author from the United States. Stone is widely famous for her work in Speak No Evil and Cut. She has had an active presence in this field since 2006, and Stone is considered one of the most experienced figures. 

Stone is doing pretty well in her professional life, but fans want to know how she is doing in her personal life. For your information, Stone lives a happy life with her boyfriend-turned-fiance, Taymour Ghazi. The couple recently got engaged, and they are doing pretty well in their love life.

So, Stone is living out her own fairy tale in her everyday life, both professionally and personally. Keep reading to learn everything about her love life and past marriage.

Gabrielle Stone Is Engaged to Her Boyfriend

As of now, Gabrielle Stone lives a happy life with her boyfriend, Taymour Ghazi. The lovebirds recently got engaged. In June 2022, Stone announced the happy news, and it was said that the duo got engaged in the romantic city of Positano, based on Italy's Amalfi Coast.

Stone took to Instagram to share the news with the world and posted multiple snaps of the special moments. Stone shared the images by saying, "The kind of love you only read about in books." In the same way, Ghazi also posted some pictures on his Instagram handle. He shared his personal milestone with a string of images. Ghazi wrote,

"Could not be any happier in my life, family and friends!!!
Gabrielle and I are engaged.
There are certain people that you meet in your life that capture the very essence of your being. She is at the top of that list for me. She has brought me full circle in life and continues to brighten each day. And the VERY best part: as I jump over the moon with my fiancé, my daughter remains on my shoulders with smiles and love."

For your information, Stone was married in the past, but they divorced. After her divorce, she moved on and began dating Taymour Ghazi. So, after dating for years, the duo thought of taking their relationship to the next level. Now, they are engaged and might have some wedding plans that the couple may share in the coming years. As said above, Stone was married; let's explore her past marriage.

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Who Was Gabrielle Stone Married To? Meet Her Ex-Husband

Gabrielle Stone was married to her ex-husband, Ignacio Serricchio, for two years. Before tying the knot, Stone and Serricchio dated each other for some years. It is unknown when they began dating and got married. But some online sources report that the former pair married just after eight months of dating.

Their married life was going well in the early phase, but later it began getting sour. Serricchio's cheating scandal led their marriage to end.

Gabrielle Stone filed for divorce from her ex-husband just after some time of their marriage. Stones said that she caught Ignacio Serricchio cheating on her in 2017 with someone who was more than ten years younger than her. 

So, just after two weeks after separating from her ex-husband, Stone reconnected with an old friend who goes by the name of Javier. The friends fell in love with each other. Likewise, the duo had a two-month whirlwind romance, but Javier dumped her just when they were about to fly off to Italy together for a vacation. 

But it didn't stop Stone as she traveled across Europe by herself. After that, Stone wrote two books about the experience Eat, Pray, #FML and The Ridiculous Misadventures of a Single Girl. It helped her earn a spot on the best-seller list in the process. 

Furthermore, Stone later also posted a video on TikTok, which gained millions of views. In the video, Stone said, "My husband had an affair with a 19-year-old for six months. There were photos of her on our living room sofa. He went on vacation with her parents, lied and told them his name was Daniel." Not only that, but she said, "I filed for divorce, wrote a best-selling book about it all, bought my own house, and named his character "Daniel."

Moreover, Stone has now moved on from all these heartbreaks and now, and she lives a happy life with her fiance, Taymour Ghazi.