The on-again and off-again relationship between Georgia Hassarati and Harry Jowsey has dragged the eyes of many in the Netflix reality dating show Perfect Match. This show brings together recognizable faces from famous reality shows such as Too Hot To Handle, The Circle, and Love Is Blind.

Georgia has an advantage over the competition, as she has already dated fellow Netflix reality stars. After leaving her season of Too Hot to Handle single, she ended up connecting with another THTH star. Meanwhile, she was also in a relationship with fellow cast member Harry Jowsey but are they still together?

Are Georgia Hassarati and Harry Jowsey Still Together?

The answer to the above question is a big no. Georgia Hassarati and Harry Jowsey are no longer together. While in a relationship, they went through several highs and lows. The former pair surprised fans when they started dating in mid-2022.

Unlike many reality show stars, Harry and Georgia’s relationship did not start during the show. Instead, they met after both of them had left the series. While sharing the relationship of a girlfriend and a boyfriend, they were in a long-distance relationship.

They had many problems during that time, which the former pair have not hesitated to talk about it with the press. In an interview with The U.S. Sun in November 2022, Jowsey confirmed that he and Georgia were no longer together. Also, Jowsey praised his ex-girlfriend, Georgia, for being an amazing person

Perfect Match: Georgia Hassarati Is Going Strong With Dom Gabriel

Apart from Gerogia’s relationship with Harry Jowsey, she is also known for being with Dom Gabriel. The duo appears to have love again in Perfect Match as they are currently matched up.

Georgia and Dom were the ultimate power couple throughout the second batch of episodes, released on February 21st, and their relationship has continued to thrive and flourish ever since. So, on the show, Georgia and Dom are still together. From that, people are waiting for the next episodes of the show as they believe that the situation will change quickly in the upcoming episodes.

Georgia Hassarati’s Ex-Boyfriend Harry Jowsey Once Dated Francesca Farago

Harry Jowsey once made headlines on the internet after being in a relationship with Francesca Farago. The former pair got together during the series, which was filmed between March and April 2019.

Due to some issues, they parted away, but fans knew they got back together. Amidst their split, rumors swirled that Harry had allegedly started dating someone else, as disclosed by co-star Chloe Veitch, who claimed to have seen evidence of it on Instagram, adding fuel to the already buzzing rumor mill.

While opening up with KIIS’ Will & Woody in 2020, Jowsey revealed the reason behind his split with Farago, noting that it wasn’t mature enough. During that time, he explained they were divided for several months, with a FaceTime call bringing them back together.

On the other hand, Farago has also talked about her relationship with Harry, saying that it was pretty sketchy. She was asked by Variety about her thought on dating Harry, to which she said they only got back together for publicity reasons.

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