Who Is Irina Solomonova on Love Is Blind Season 4? Job and Relationship With Zack Goytowski Details

Irina Solomonova

The new season of Netflix hit dating show Love Is Blind has 30 new contestants taking part. One of the new participants is none other than a business owner Irina Solomonova. 

As we know, the show follows a group of singles who are ready to settle down and willing to participate in a unique experiment in the search for a partner. In the first batch of new Love Is Blind episodes, Solomonova causes more of a stir with her friendships than she does with her romantic traps, as she can be seen having tight relations with some of the other women on the show. 

Apart from that, Love Is Blind fans curious to know more about Solomonova's life outside the show. So, Hollywood Worth has got you covered in everything.

Love Is Blind: Irina Solomonova Age and Family Life

Irina Solomonova was born on November 21, 1996, in Seattle, Washington, United States, making her age 26 now. Online sources report that Irina's parents are from different nations, and they have mixed ethnic backgrounds.

Irina Solomonova Siblings
Irina Solomonova posted a moment with her siblings ( Source: Instagram )

During Love Is Blind season four, Solomonova reflected on her childhood immigrating to the U.S. from Russia as a small child. So, we can say that Irina is originally from Russia. While recalling her childhood, she said her parents did everything they could even though they didn't have money.

Exploring her social media posts, we came to know that Irina also has three siblings: Tim Solomonova, Zheka Solomonova, and Anastasiya Solomonova Barry. She shared some snaps with her siblings on Instagram, where we can find her as @irina_solo.

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What Is Irina Solomonova Job? Everything To Know About Her Business

Irina Solomonova is a business owner associated with Solo collective, an event planner company she began in 2020. Her business is based in Seattle, WA, and she has also created an Instagram account to promote it.

Apart from that, Irina also has experience working in other companies. Her Linkedin bio shows that Solomonova has been working as a Shift Lead at JOEY Restaurant Group since January 2020. Before that, she worked as PSR at First Hill Surgery Center.

Likewise, Irina has experience working as Sales Representative at Verizon, where she served from 2015 to 2016. In the same way, she has done volunteer work. In 2017, she was a volunteer at YWAM Associates. So, having gained broad experiences, Solomonova has preserved a considerable fortune, and her net worth is pretty impressive.

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What Happened To Irina Solomonova On Love Is Blind?

Irina Solomonova was engaged to Zack Goytowski on Love In Blind, but it was short-lived. Irina and Zack decided to choose the path of engagement during their ten days on the Pods.

On the show, Irina and another cast Bliss Poureetezadi fell for Zack. So, Zack had to make a decision and choose one of them. Eventually, Zack chose Irina due to his trust in her. However, Zack dumped Solomonova during episode 5 in Mexico for her cruel and immature personality.

Zack and Irina went on a trip to Mexico, but it was worst as their relationship couldn't work out. Their engagement didn't even return to the departing flight to Seattle, leaving Zack in a challenging dilemma as he drew the short end of the post this season.

Amid their breakup, we even see Solomonova mention Bliss and how she hopes Zack can get a second chance. While on a date with Bliss, Zack said he made the mistake of not choosing Bliss over Irina. Likewise, Irina has said that her engagement with Zack was a mistake. 

Now, we hope to see Zack find a perfect match for him, and the partner is predicted to be none other than Bliss Poureetezadi. 

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