Who Are Jawahir Khalifa and Nick Kici From Too Hot To Handle? Are They Still Together?

Jawahir Khalifa and Nick Kici

Too Hot To Handle is a reality dating show aired on Netflix. There is no shadow of a doubt that this is a fan's favorite show. People were enjoying season 4 of Too Hot To Handle, and its final episode dropped on Wednesday, December 15. When the winner of this year was announced, the winning couple covered the whole internet.

So, the winner of season 4 of Too Hot To Handle is none other than Jawahir Khalifa and Nick Kici. Kayla Richart and Seb Melrose are runner-ups. The participant competed for a $200,000 prize, but in each episode, the money would be deducted if they broke the rules. Moreover, the winning couple has gone through many ups and downs.

Keep reading this article to learn everything about their Too Hot To Handle journey. Also, we've mentioned if they are still together or not.

Who Are Jawahir Khalifa and Nick Kici? Too Hot To Handle Journey

The 22 years old Jawahir Khalifa is a native of Amsterdam, Netherlands. Khalifa is a model by profession. In the show, Khalifa said that she was attracted to the bad boys and that her ancestors might not be impressed by her actions. So, she was attracted to fellow castmate Seb Melrose.

Seb and Khalifa also shared a kiss in the swimming pool. However, Seb later got connected to Kayla Richart. After that, Khalifa got attracted to Nick Kici. Nick is a model and an artist with a passion for yoga. Nick's personality was the one that dragged Khalifa's eyes into him. Surprisingly, Nick had been interested in Khalifa since he first saw her. When he knew Khalifa was interested in him, Nick was also happy.

Khalifa and Nick broke the show rule and ended up kissing each other. After that, they began having a good time together. When announcing the rule break moment, Nick was open about it and revealed they kissed each other. Nick was unaware that Khalifa had some intimate connection with Seb Melrose in the past.

However, they were able to move on and leave their past issues. Their relationship got stronger, and they also broke the rules three times. Due to that, Lana sent them to the suite. But Khalifa and Kici didn't break the rules, and they were rewarded with their watches. When Shawn Wells arrived at the show, he got interested in Khalifa. Khalifa and Shawn also shared a bed for the night. 

Nick Kici and Jawahir Khalifa
Nick Kici and Jawahir Khalifa won the season four of Too Hot To Handle ( Source: Cheat Sheet )

Later, Lana gave Khalifa a final chance to choose between the two guys. So, Khalifa came back with Nick, and the couple became the winner of this season, taking $89,000. Apart from the show, people are now eager to know if the winning couple is still together.

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Are Jawahir Khalifa and Nick Kici Still Together?

As the news regarding Jawahir Khalifa and Nick Kici's separation is unknown, we can say they are still together. However, they have not shared the official news regarding them having relationship too.

Moreover, they do not follow each other on social media, which does not mean they are separated. They may have a strong bond but are keeping it confidential at the moment. Too Hot To Handle fans also wants the couple to stay close.

Khalifa once replied to a fan's question, hinting that people will find out more about their relationship in the next episode of Too Hot To Handle. We can say that Khalifa and Kici still have a good relationship. Recently, Kici shared some snaps on Instagram, and Khalifa commented, "Mr. Kici." We can get more updates about their relationship by following Khalifa on Instagram as @jawahirkhalifa and Kici as @nickkici.