Who Is Jordyn Jones New Boyfriend After Breakup With Jordan Beau? Details on the Influencer’s Love Life

Jordyn Jones

People recognized Jordyn Jones after appearing in the 1st season of the Lifetime dance reality series Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition. In that show, she finished 5th place. After that, the social media star became more prominent for a music video covering "Fancy" by Iggy Azalea. 

Jones is quite famous on YouTube and has accumulated over 8.8 million followers. Besides getting famous for her professional life, Jones also made headlines after her relationship with fellow internet star Jordan Beau was confirmed. Their relationship gained many people's eyes when the former pair announced their breakup.

Jordyn Jones Is Dating Cade Hug After Breakup With Jordan Beau

Jordyn Jones moved on from her breakup with Jordan Beau, and she is dating her new boyfriend, Cade Hug. Initially, she was private about her love life and didn't give any information about her dating life.

However, Jones shared two pictures with Cade on December 8, 2022, showing they were in a relationship. In that images, we can see them hugging each other. Not only that, but the lovebirds also shared some sweet comments. In the comment section, Cade commented with an emoji of a gift box, to which Jordyn replied, "I love you."

As the cute couple has not given much insight into their dating life, we cannot discuss much about when they met and began dating. As they shared images in 2022, many believe that the duo may have started their romance in early 2022. For your information, they shared some comments on each other's posts. Once, Jones also posted some images with a mystery man, which people considered Cade.

Cade also used to share his moments via TikTok videos. On September 8 of the same year, he shared a video of their date night. The following month, he posted a series of pictures where we could see the couple enjoying and having fun with the song titled Hide

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Jordyn Jones and Jordan Beau's Relationship To Breakup

Jordyn Jones reportedly has a long list of past affairs, and one of her ex-boyfriends is Jordan Beau. According to J-14, Jordan and Jones first met in 2018 through mutual friends. Shortly, the former flames decided to share their budding romance with followers.

While appearing on The Zach Sang Show, Jones said, "I can't hide anything, and I tried a private relationship all of 2015, and it worked, but I don't want to do that again." She continued, "I don't want to hide that from my fans … Instead of hiding it, I'm just going to be real with everyone."

Jordan Beau and Jordyn Jones
Jordan Beau and Jordyn Jones dated in the past ( Source: Creeto )

So, their love life was going well, and they also celebrated their two-year anniversary in August 2020. In February 2021, Jones hosted Jordan on an episode of the "What They Don't Tell You" podcast. After being in a relationship for three years, Jones announced on July 23, 2021, confirming her split with Jordan Beau. While confirming the news, Jones said that it was her own decision to part away. 

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More on Jorydn Jones' Past Relationship and Dating History

Jordyn Jones began dating Kamrin six months after she separated from Jordan. They reportedly began dating in August 2021. In December of the same year, Kamrin also shared a photo on Instagram showing that they were in a romantic relationship.

Apart from that, Jones was also known to be dating Brandon Westenberg. The former pair dated from 2016 to 2018. Their love life gained fans' eyes after announcing their separation. On June 5, 2018, she also shared a statement on Twitter regarding her split with Brandon. Likewise, Jones was reported to be in a relationship with Carson Lueders.

They started as co-workers and later began dating. They made headlines on the internet when they posted a video of kissing each other in front of the Eiffel Tower. However, their relationship couldn't last long. As per a report by Creeto, Jones once dated Nick Wallace.