Kara Cosby ‘Say Yes to the Dress’ Update: Here’s What We Know

Kara Cosby

Kara Cosby, a young lady from the US, came into the spotlight after appearing in the Say Yes to the Dress franchise. She made her arrival on Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta in 2021, and her age dragged the eyes of many as she revealed her age to be just 17 at that time.

Fashion director Monte Durham and Bridal dress consultant Flo Waters were left shocked after learning her age. Cosby came to find a perfect wedding dress along with her dad, and it's been a long time since the episode aired. If you are curious about her current status, here's everything you need to know.

Kara Cosby 'Say Yes to the Dress' Update: She Is Married!

TLC viewers have been asking whether the young lady, Kara Cosby, is married to her fiance. For your information, Cosby is married but not to her original partner. She is married to another man who goes by the name of Nate Hogg. Kara has also taken her partner's last name, and we can find her on Instagram as @notmyhoggs_.

Kara Cosby 'Say Yes to the Dress'
Kara Cosby photographed with AWAKE Communities Int's members ( Source: Instagram )

According to Distractify, Cosby and her partner have two young kids, but there is very little info about them. The family of four resides in Georgia. Kara is said to be working at a small coffee shop named Reclamation Roasters, where she has the role of a partner relations manager.

In the same way, Cosby works as the director of operations at AWAKE Communities Int. Furthermore, Kara has kept her Instagram account private, making it pretty challenging to know about her ongoing lifestyle.

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What Happened to Kara Cosby Relationship With Reese?

If you have watched the episode of Kara Cosby on  Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta, you may be familiar that she was about to marry a guy named Reese. On the show, Cosby said that she and Reese met at the church, and later, he asked for Cosby's father's permission.

She and Reese were courting, and the young girl also said she hadn't kissed and was saving for their wedding. As we know, Cosby is now married to another guy, due to which TLC viewers are asking why Cosby and Reese's relationship ended.

However, the topic remains a mystery as Kara has not given any hints about her past affair with her ex-partner. So, it can't be confirmed when and why they ended their relationship.

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A Look at Kara Cosby Family on Say Yes to the Dress

Kara Cosby appeared with her whole family in Say Yes to the Dress franchise. In the show, Kara introduced the family to the audience, where her father, Jason Cosby, was with both of his wives. Other family members were her sister, grandmother, step-grandmother, half-sister, and best friend, Sara.

Kara's dad is the owner of Reclamation Roasters. He grabbed people's eyes following his comment regarding his daughter as he said, "30-year-old trapped in a 17-year-old's body."

Due to that, people on comment criticized him, which they thought was inappropriate. Meanwhile, Kara and her father are still on good terms. Apart from that, Kara's episode is still making rounds on social media, mainly on TikTok.

Some TikTok users have renewed Kara's episode from the show, which has gained many views.