Chef Kathy Fang Is Married to Her Husband Caleb Sima: Inside Her Married Life

Caleb Sima and Kathy Fang

If you have watched a Food Network docuseries, Chef Dynasty: House of Fang, then Kathy Fang may not be a new name to you. American Chef Kathy is the cast of the show. There is no shadow of a doubt that Kathy is an experienced chef who handles two restaurants House of Nanking and Fang, along with her parents.

While maintaining a good professional life, Kathy has also maintained a happy love life with her husband Caleb Sima, with whom she has been together for over a decade. Caleb is a big name in the tech industry. He serves as a Chief Security Officer at Robinhood, where he has been taking the role since February 2021.

His Linkedin profile shows that he has worked in cybersecurity since 1996. When Chef Dynasty was released, people got concerned about Kathy and began getting curious about her married life. Caleb and his wife, Kathy, have an exciting love story. Keep scrolling.

Kathy Fang and Caleb Sima Met in San Francisco and Began Dating

The love life of Kathy Fang and Caleb Sima started a long way back. The married couple met each other for the first time in San Francisco. Shortly after developing a solid bond, Fand and Sima began dating around the 2010s. 

Initially, they kept their love life confidential, so we cannot share details about their dating life. The couple is doing well in their own field; despite that, they prioritize each other's passions. Later, they began sharing posts on social media, and after a few years of sharing the relationship of a girlfriend and a boyfriend, they started planning to take their love life to the next level.

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Caleb Sima and Kathy Fang Had a Perfect Engagement

Caleb Sima was planning to propose to Kathy Fang during their trip to Paris in December of 2013. During that time, Caleb had arranged a private dinner at Le Meurice. There, Alain Ducasse would prepare meals. Everything was set and agreed upon but low and behold, two weeks before the proposal date.

Unfortunately, an emergency came up for Alain Ducasse, and he couldn't make it to the proposal anymore. So, Caleb decided he had to ditch the plan to propose because it just wouldn't be the same without the chef there. So the pair ended up having a lovely meal at Le Meurice and called it a night.

After a failed attempt, Sima again decided to try in December 2014. This time, it was with a famous San Francisco Chef, and it was the place where the duo met each other for the first time. Kathy was surprised as all of the preparation was made at Gary Danko's own home. Caleb made Kathy believe that they had to dress up for a holiday party hosted by a VC.

Kathy and Caleb Engaged
Kathy Fang and Caleb Sima engaged in 2014 ( Source: Kathy Fang )

Caleb also arranged for a car to pick us up, and they arrived at a beautiful home hidden behind vines. The house was impeccably done with interiors that were more romantic, refined, and sexy than Holiday Festive. After that, they had a glass of champagne. Later, the couple was notified that the guests were late, and they walked out a block from the house to enjoy the incredible views. 

So, Caleb proposed to Kathy right above the city where she grew up and was born in. After that, Kathy accepted the proposal, and then the champagne bottle popped. Later, the pair enjoyed some dishes, which Kathy explained on her own website

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Kathy Fang and Caleb Sima Has Two Children

Shortly after their engagement, Kathy Fang and Caleb Sima married. Soon after their marriage, the duo welcomed their first child, a daughter named Ava. The family increased to four when Fang and Sima gave birth to another child, a son named Neo, in 2020.

Kathy is a family person who loves spending time with her husband and kids. She also shares images with them on her Instagram handle, where we can find her as @chefkathyfang