Chef Kathy Fang Parents and Net Worth Revealed

Kathy Fang

Kathy Fang is a culinary expert from the United States of America. She shot to fame after appearing in a docuseries named Chef Dynasty: House of Fang. The show features the Fang Family, which includes Peter, Lily Fang, and their daughter Kathy Fang.

The show garnered huge media attention as we can see Kathy and her father, Peter, cooking several authentic Chinese dishes at their beloved Fang restaurant. The Fang family also debates traditional and modern food menus and cooking methods over the course of the series. 

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Who Are Peter and Lily Fang? Details About Kathy Fang's Parents

Kathy Fang was born to her loving parents, Peter (father) and Lily Fang (mother). Fang has openly talked about her parents in some interviews. In December 2022, she spoke with amNY, where Fang recalled her childhood filled with food and deference for her parents. She said, 

"When my parents opened the restaurant, I was about seven years old at the time, and they couldn't really afford daycare, so I spent all of my waking hours in the restaurant."

Her parents are originally from Shangai, China and moved to San Francisco in 1980. Initially, they couldn't speak English, which was hard for them. Via House of Nanking, they were also chasing the American dream. Apart from that, Peter was passionate about cooking for a long time. So, after coming to the U.S., it was a bit easier for him to start a new business in the new country.

Eight years later, Peter and Lily opened House of Nanking, which was named after Lily's dad, who was from Nanking, China. After opening the restaurant, they combined classic Shanghai dishes with American ingredients. Also, Peter came up with a brilliant idea to feed people faster. So, he started ordering for his customers and putting food on tables as people sat. Likewise, in 2009, Peter and his daughter, Kathy, opened up Fang.

Now, both House of Nanking and Fang are still thriving, and we can see them on Chef Dynasty: House of Fang too. Apart from that, Kathy appears to be the single child of her parents, as there are no records of her siblings.

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How Much Is Chef Dynasty's Kathy Fang Net Worth? Restaurant and Business

According to Gossip Next Door, Kathy Fang is estimated to have a net worth of around $5 million. Kathy has amassed most of her gains from being a chef. Initially, she worked in multiple companies, including Merrill Lynch and Johnson & Johnson, where she had different roles.

As we know, she was passionate about cooking and began her career in the culinary field. Together with her family, she runs two restaurants, including House of Nanking and Fang. She is the co-owner of the family's second restaurant in San Francisco, Fang, with her dad. Not only that, but Kathy also helps her mother manage their first restaurant. 

Kathy Fang
Kathy Fang while boating with her friends ( Source: Instagram )

Moreover, Kathy's parents' restaurant House of Nanking, is located in Chinatown, and she has not hesitated to talk about her childhood growing up in Chinatown. Also, Fang's eponymous restaurant attracts Chinatown residents and other people too. In addition to her restaurant business, Kathy is the author of the famous, multifaceted food blog 

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