Who Is KSI Girlfriend in 2023? YouTube Star's Relationship and Dating History


KSI, aka Olajide Olatunji, is a true force in the online world. Born in London in 1993, KSI started posting entertaining videos on YouTube in 2009 and quickly gained a massive following. He is now a well-known YouTuber, musician, comedian, and actor with over 20 million subscribers on the platform. 

His music career took off with the release of his hit single "Lamborghini," and he has since continued to captivate audiences with his unique style and relatable personality. Beyond his professional accomplishments, KSI is known for his irreverent humor and down-to-earth demeanor, making him a fan favorite and one of the most famous figures in the online world today. Apart from that, his dating life and girlfriend have also captivated his fans. 

Is KSI Dating or Single in 2023?

As of now, KSI does not seem to have a serious affair. The YouTuber has not given any hints regarding his relationship, which makes it clear that he is single and is not dating anyone. KSI has always maintained privacy regarding the topic of his love life.

In 2021, it was rumored that he was having a secret affair with his girlfriend. KSI went to Logan Paul's podcast, where he disclosed that he is in a serious relationship. KSI even said that he would marry his girlfriend someday. At the beginning of the podcast, Logan asked KSI if his parents were still together.

So, KSI said yes, and after that, he also went on to talk about his love life. KSI mentioned that his girlfriend is very supportive. Despite mentioning his girlfriend, he didn't provide her name. It seems like he secretly parted away with his secret girlfriend as he is enjoying a single life.

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KSI Dating History in Depth

KSI has a massive fan base on the internet, and many of his followers who have followed him since the begging of his online career may know that he previously dated some ladies. Here's the list of his ex-girlfriends.

Seana Cuthbert

KSI's first public relationship was reported to be with Seana Cuthbert. He dated Seana for two years until the middle of 2014. It is reported that they began their romance in high school. Seana also appeared in some videos of KSI. Seana had her own channel, and in 2015, she stopped posting. Later, she returned to open up about her relationship with KSI.

KSI and Seana
KSI and Seana in a YouTube video ( Source: The Sun )

In the video titled "What really happened," Seana said, "Obviously, we broke up about three years ago, and people still ask why to these days." In that video, she also said they met each other when they were young. During that time, Seana was 17, and KSI used to live in London while Seana was in Newcastle.

Likewise, she revealed that KSI didn't have time for a relationship as he was busy with his YouTube career. So, they decided to call it quits and moved forward after two years of dating.

Lois and Jean Watts

According to Metro, KSI started dating someone named Lois Sharpe following his breakup with Seana. KSI has also made a video with her; the video's title was Mauritius With My Girlfriend. However, the video has been deleted now.

Apart from that, he was also known to have another girlfriend named Jean Watts in 2017. She is a famous Instagram makeup guru who has amassed massive followers on social media. In the same way, he was rumored to be dating social media star, Nia Pickering. Some online sources report that they had an affair from 2018 to 2019. 

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Rumored Relationship With Annie Marie

As we know, Annie Marie and KSI have a strong bond, thanks to their collaboration in a song named Don't Play. Since releasing their song, their bond became strong, which left people thinking that they were in a romantic relationship.

However, they are not in a relationship, as both of them have openly talked about it with the media.