Rapper Montana and Justine Married on the Outside in 'Love During Lockup' (EXCLUSIVE CLIP)

Montana and Justine

The WeTV show Love During Lockup came with season 5 on Friday, December 16 at 9 pm ET. In the show, six couples will be featured, and they will meet for the first time after their partners are released from prison. The series will also follow the duo's journeys and reveal whether they make it down the aisle or split up.

Season 5 will include four cast members from past franchise shows and four new couples. So, Michael and Justine are the cast members from season 2 who is in this season too. Montana Millz, whose real name is Michael Persaud, made headlines in 2016. During that time, Montana and another woman were detained for a laundry list of drug charges after police caught him selling heroin and fentanyl.

Montana is a rapper famous for his song named Sell Drugz and Feds Watching. Those songs also hyped the news of his detention. Furthermore, Montana got more into the spotlight after getting featured in Love During Lockup. Let's explore more about his arrest and married life.

How Long Has Montana Been Sentenced?

On October 28, 2016, Montana was busted as part of a sting operation in Pennsylvania after he "sold 70 bags of heroin to the officer. The incident happened at was busted as part of a sting operation in Pennsylvania after he sold 70 bags of heroin to the officer, as reported by WGAL

Justine and Michael
Montana was locked up in Jail for some years ( Source: All About The Tea )

It is said that police discovered around 70 grams of bulk heroin, cutting agents, a grinder, and new packaging material within Montana's room. After that, Montana received a three-year prison sentence. That sentence was handed down in January 2018. Shortly after the federal sentence, the judge in Pennsylvania sentenced Montana to 96 months to 30 years in jail. 

Later, it was reduced just a bit due to Montana's appeal. Now, Montana appears to be out of jail as his wife, Justine, recently shared a video on Instagram reuniting with him and the kids. 

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Montana and Justine Married While the Rapper Was Still Behind Bars

Montana and Justine tied the knot on August 5, 2022. During that time, Montana was behind bars. Justine's mom, Sherry, accompanied her during her wedding planning, but she expressed dissatisfaction with her daughter's rash trip.

Justine tried to convince her mom and other family members as she waited to wed her partner of three years. Reverend Deborah Kalinowski officiated their wedding. Not to mention, they met through Montana's mother. 

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Are Montana and Justine Still Together?

His recent social media posts about Justine hint that she and her husband are still together. For your information, Justine had previously married and divorced in August 2020. She is also the mother of three children, Kyllei, Santana, and Bentley.

Justine shared an Instagram post with videos from when Montana met her kids for the first time. In the video, we can see Montana hugging the children, which is pretty emotional. The video captioned, "What the welcome home was really like. That's real love NOT LOVE FROM KIDS WHO JUST MET SOMEONE." 

Montana also commented on the post, saying, "Awww. You know, babe, this was One of my favorite moments of coming home, and finally embracing the kids. Talk is cheap !!! Love you guys."