Lynn Ban Is Married to Her Husband Jett Kain: Their Love Life, Children, and Business

Lynn Ban

Bling Empire: New York, the much-anticipated spinoff to Bling Empire, debuted its first episodes on January 20, 2023, on Netflix. Following a gang of obscenely wealthy Asians and Asian Americans living in Los Angeles, California, Bling Empire first premiered in 2021. The third season of the L.A.-based show debuted in 2022, and now Netflix is presenting its New York City-based sister show. 

Many cast members are making headlines on the internet, one of them being Jewelry designer Lynn Ban. She is an experienced Jewelry designer who has worked with many renowned figures in the entertainment industry. She often keeps her personal life away from the press, but we know that Ban lives a happy life with her husband, Jett Kain, with whom she has been married for decades. 

Who Is Lynn Ban Husband, Jett Kain?

Jett Kain is the husband of Lynn Ban, who previously worked as a producer and reporter for MTV. He has also been a great supporter of his wife, Ban, as he helped her launch Genki Sushi. Now, it is reported that Kain serves as the artistic director at his wife's company, Lynn Ban Jewelry. 

Since coming to Bling Empire, Lynn and her husband, Jett, have gained substantial public attention. Once, Jett was caught saying something offensive to journalist/actor Blake Abbie. The power couple met with Blake for a lunch date in an outdoor city restaurant. They were enjoying the moment, and Jett asked Blake if he was gay. Bann chipped in with help and said he was queer.

Lynn Ban and Jett Kain
Lynn Ban and Jett Kain together in a frame ( Source: Reality TitBit )

Due to that, Blake was left stunned, which also made evident that he was offended by the pair. With that, Blake said, "NO! No, you like; you just don't ask people their sexuality. You just don't do that." After that, Jett again met another query regarding his sexuality, and Blake abruptly walked away, saying, "f**k off, old man!"

In the same way, the topic of Jett's sexuality has been in the limelight for quite a while now. Bling Empire viewers have speculated that Jett is gay, but there is no fact about it. As we know, Jett is married to his wife, Lynn; he is not gay.

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Lynn Ban and Jett Kain From Bling Empire Have Been Married for Decades

Lynn Ban and Jett Kain have been together for a long time, and they are still together. The married couple reportedly met at a New Year's Eve party back in 1994. During that time, Lynn came across Jett for the first time, only for the latter to feel an instant spark. Jett was the one who first approached. He asked for her number, but Lynn gave him the wrong one.

Surprisingly, they again met at a dinner gathering hosted by mutual friends a few months later. This time, Lynn was quite open with Jett. Shortly, Lynn and Jett began dating, and after a couple of years of being in a romantic relationship, they tied the knot. The pair have gone through many hard times but have been a backbone to each other.

Their married life is still getting stronger, and being married for nearly three decades; they live a happy life with their son Sebastian Kain. Ban has rarely featured her son on her social media posts.

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Lynn Ban and Jett Kain Together in Their Business

Lynn Ban and her husband, Jett Kain, are doing well in their professional life, just like their married life. After tying the knot, Jett and Lynn got into business together, and Kain also helped her father's Genki Sushi franchise in the United States.

So, their business did pretty well, which led them to work in the other field too. The pair worked together to launch Lynn Ban Jewelry in the early 2010s. Jett is in charge of design within the brand dealing with marketing and PR.

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