‘Love Without Borders’ – Are Mael Lucas and Aaron Still Together?

Aaron Motacek and Mael Lucas

From Fizzle to Fiasco: Bravo's Love Without Borders Matchmaking Goes Awry with Coach Arica Angelo's Failed Pairings! Arica was confident about the matchup between Mael Lucas and Aaron Motacek. Despite her best intentions, the duo seems like they didn't develop romantic feelings for each other.

In the Bravo show, their relationship was not much romantic, which viewers also noticed. As we know, many couples didn't end up together in the show. So, are Mael Lucas and Aaron Motacek still together? Keep reading to find out.

Are 'Love Without Borders' Couple Mael Lucas and Aaron Motacek Still Together?

No, Mael Lucas and Aaron Motacek from Love Without Borders are not together. The duo has already chosen their path, as they couldn't develop romantic feelings for each other on the show. Mael reportedly explained that New Year was pretty exciting, and he felt attracted to Aaron. However, he didn't receive the same from Aaron's side.

With that, Aaron said that he felt pressure to have feelings quickly. While opening up about his feelings for Mael, Aaron said, "I just felt like I didn't have that spark. And I feel like I'm just always going to really want physical actions to be special. I still don't have a lot of romantic feelings there."

However, Aaron and Mael spent New Year's Eve together in Paris. During that time, Mael was hoping for a kiss from Aaron, but things did not go as planned. In a clip, Mael said that he used to be alone in New Year's in the past, but this time, it was with Aaron. Due to that, he was pretty excited and was hoping for a New Year Kiss. 

But he didn't get that. Later, they watched fireworks over the Sacré Coeur in Montmartre. Before that, Aaron revealed he was a bit homesick. With that, Aaron reportedly went back to his home in North Dakota. It is reported that he found romance at his home. An exclusive clip showed Aaron saying he was hanging with someone who appeared to be his new partner. In the same way, Mael has not found anyone yet, but he has moved to another apartment. 

From all these facts, we can be clear that Love Without Borders couple Mael Lucas and Aaron Motacek have already split.

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Mael Lucas and Aaron Motacek Journey in Love Without Borders

Mael Lucas is a former business logistics consultant. He left his job in 2019 to pursue his passion in the world of massage. Following his passion, he is now a certified wellness spa practitioner. On the other hand, Aaron Motacek is a 31-year-old optometrist from North Dakota. 

In the first episode of Love Without Borders, we can see Aaron breaking the news to his family about leaving the country to find a partner. When Mael and Aaron met for the first time, Mael came out with an umbrella because it was raining. 

Aaron Motacek and Mael Lucas
Aaron Motacek and Mael Lucas on their first road trip

Reportedly, they introduced each other and entered Mael's apartment, which was too tiny for him. Initially, they talked about their problems and went on to talk about their coming out stories. They talked about coming out stories and how their family reacted to that. Gradually, they developed some chemistry.

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In the fifth episode, Mael massaged Aaron, and they also had a sweet date. They also went to Mael's family home, where Aaron said they were not linked romantically. During that time, Aaron slept on the couch. Rather than going well in their relationship, they later thought it wasn't working out as both of them couldn't develop romantic feelings for the other either. So, now, they have already split.