Malu Trevejo Shuts Down Plastic Surgery Rumors and Claims Made by Fans

Malu Trevejo

Maria Luisa Trevejo, famous as Malu, is a TikTok star born in Havana, Cuba. The 20-year-old TikTok star has gained massive followers on her social media accounts. She has collected over 11 million followers on her self-titled Instagram account, which features her lifestyle. She flaunts her amazing body.

Furthermore, Malu is getting huge people's attention after her recent appearance. She showed off her body, and fans noticed some changes in her appearance; they said that the TikTok star had plastic surgery. So, fans have said multiple things to the social media star, and she has already responded to them.

Did Malu Trevejo Had Plastic Surgery?

As said earlier, fans have been asking whether Malu Trevejo has had plastic surgery after her TikTok videos had comments from fans claiming she had undergone a facial transformation.

After the flurry of comments over the past week referencing Trevejo's alleged change in appearance in her videos, after responding to all the plastic surgery claims, Trevejo denied it but admitted to having her teeth done. Trevejo rebutted a commenter saying she had "too much change" to her looks.

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Malu Trevejo Plastic Surgery Rumors Explained

Over the past few days, fans commented that Malu Trevejo didn't look like herself. Many speculated whether the TikTok star had gone under the knife to alter her lips and dimples. One user said, "This doesn't look like Malu anymore." 

On November 22, 2022, Trevejo decided to handle the plastic surgery rumors. Following this, she took to TikTok, exclaiming her shock and slamming down on the incorrect claims. So, Trevejo said, "I'm so tired of people who are like, 'Oh, you look so different, this and that." Not only that, but Trevejo said people changes and grew up till they are 25 years old.

So, it can be said that Trevejo has not gone under the knife now, but in the past, she did the surgery. In late December 2020, Trevejo shared a post on Instagram opening up about her boobs job. Also, she went live on Instagram, where she talked about her breast implants and the reason behind them.

Moreover, Trevejo was also rumored to have hip surgery, but she already revealed that they are real. So, it becomes clear that Trevejo just had a boob job. 

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Fans React to Malu Trevejo's Appearance

Malu Trevejo shared some snaps on social media, and fans noted some changes in her appearance, which created plastic surgery rumors. A few days ago, three videos were uploaded by Trevejo, showing her dancing and lip-syncing in a green jacket. Her comment sections were instantly flooded with internet users writing that she looked different, mainly her lips.

A social media user said, "She changed a lot." Another fan commented, "why she put so much lips for." In the same way, another user said, "Her old smile was everything." In this way, many people made different comments which left them thinking that she may have gone under the knife.

But there is no fact about it, as the TikTok star has already admitted the truth and has not done plastic surgery. We can see her snaps on Instagram by following her as @malutrevejo.