Matt Smith is a prominent English actor who is famous for appearing in Doctor Who, The Crown, Morbius, and Last Night in Soho. The 40-year-old actor has won not only the hearts of people but also some awards, including the National Television Award and Gold Award.

Since 2003, Smith has been working actively in this field. He is considered one of the most experienced personalities as he has worked in many big-budget movies that have done pretty well in the industry. Being a famous actor sometimes is pretty unconfirmable as many rumors and speculations circulate without fact.

In the same way, fans have speculated that Smith does not have eyebrows. So, if you are the one who is confused regarding Smith’s eyebrows.

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What Happened to Matt Smith’s Eyebrows?

Matt Smith rarely appears with his eyebrows in public. Due to that, people’s attention regarding his eyebrows has risen lately. Many people have noticed that Smith does not have eyebrows. So, they have taken to social media to share their opinions.

A TikTok user said Smith used to have eyebrows early in his career, but they seemingly began to disappear throughout his four-year Doctor Who runs. A TikTok video posted by a man named Charles also said that Smith has madarosis. It is a condition that causes people to lose hair from their eyelashes or eyebrows. It can affect one side of the face or both sides.

However, it may not be true, as Smith himself has not responded to anything regarding his eyebrows. Furthermore, Smith’s eyebrows have also dragged the eyes of some personalities in the film industry. Back in 2014, Scottish actress Karen Gillan was asked when she began to notice that Matt’s eyebrows were disappearing.

So, her reply surprised everyone as Karen said, “What do you mean started? They were never there.” Matt and Karen have worked together in Doctor Who. So, from that interview, it can be said that Karen also noticed her co-star’s eyebrows from very early.

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People’s Reaction to Matt Smith’s Eyebrows

The news of Matt Smith’s eyebrows often makes headlines on the internet. After the Game of Thrones spin-off, House of the Dragon, released in May 2021, Smith’s eyebrows again came into prominence.

Many social media have also trolled Smith due to his eyebrows. In October 2021, one user tweeted, “I didn’t think it was possible for Matt Smith to have fewer eyebrows, but Game of Thrones somehow did it.” Another Twitter user posted a photo captioning, “Actors without eyebrows are quite tricky to draw, but one day I will cope with it. I’m talking about you, Mads Mikkelsen and Matt Smith.”

In addition to Twitter, the topic of Smith’s eyebrows has also been taken to other social media platforms, including Reddit. A user posted an edited photo of Matt Smith and David Tennant where we can see them swapping eyebrows. The image was titled, “Matt Smith & David Tennant swap eyebrows… My brain doesn’t know how to react.”

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