OnlyFans Star Mikaela Testa Is Dating a New Boyfriend After Split With Atis Paul

Mikaela Testa

Mikaela Testa is a social media influencer and TikTok star who has gained massive fan followings on her social media handles. The 22-year-old Australian lady is also active on the adult site, OnlyFans.

She is a model who has worked with many brands. Being a social media star, Testa often gets into the limelight regarding her personal affair. She was once in a relationship with Atis Paul. Throughout their dating years, they went to different places and also grabbed huge media attention.

Meanwhile, their relationship got more into people's eyes when their breakup was announced. Now, Testa appears to have moved on from the breakup as rumors suggest; she is dating a new man. If you are eager to know more about her dating history and new boyfriend, keep reading till the end.

Who Is Mikaela Testa New Boyfriend?

Mikaela Testa has moved on after her split with her ex-boyfriend, Atis Paul. After her breakup, fans were concerned about her new love and began asking questions about her love life.

In August 2022, Testa's dating rumors with her friend named Jack came into the spotlight. When Jack was featured in Testa's TikTok video, fans began saying they might be dating each other. Jack is from Singapore, and he has never tried the traditional Australian dessert. In the TikTok video, Testa was seen cooking fairy bread for Jack.

The rumored couple laughed together as Jack struggled to eat the slice of bread topped with sprinkles. After that, another video uploaded on September 12 showed Testa dancing with a man which people thought to be her new boyfriend. However, Testa captioned the video admitting it was her stepbrother. 

Meanwhile, the rumors of Testa dating Jack remain unverified as both of them have not opened up their mouth. Due to that, it can be confirmed or denied whether they are having a romantic affair. Apart from that, Testa had an affair in the past. So, let's explore more.

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Mikaela Testa and Her Ex-Boyfriend Atis Paul Relationship Timeline

OF star Mikaela Testa was previously in a relationship with Atis Paul. But they are no longer together. Testa and Paul began dating each other in 2019. Atis Paul is an entrepreneur and investor who also invests in cryptocurrency.

Atis Paul and Mikaela Testa
Atis Paul and Mikaela Testa together in a frame ( Source: Daily Mail )

Moreover, Paul got more into the people's eyes when his relationship with Testa was confirmed on new year's eve of 2020. After that, they were doing well in their life. We can also see some of their snaps on social media. Together, the former pair went to different places and had good moments.

Now, Testa and Paul are no longer together. When their breakup was announced, their love life got more hype.

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Mikaela Testa and Atis Paul Breakup Reason Explained - What Happened Between Them?

Mikaela Testa and Atis Paul were together for over two years. Later, their relationship began getting sour, and in May 2022, their breakup news came into the media. However, there was not much info in the initial phase. But in June of the same year, it was officially confirmed as Testa opened up about it.

Mikaela Testa's Breakup
Testa opening up about breakup with Atis ( Source: Daily Mail )

Testa did Q&A on Instagram where one of her followers asked about her relationship with Atis Paul. A user asked, "What happened with you and Atis? Did you fall out of love, or was it something else." Testa admitted that there was no problem between them, and they parted away mutually.

Testa replied, saying, "We will always involve with each other; we never stopped. Nothing bad happened; it's just life getting in the way and certain things we want/need in life. That's enough atis questions, please." So, it becomes clear that there are no hard feelings between them. They may have moved on to focus on their career.

Mikaela Testa has already talked about her breakup with Atis Paul. Testa and Paul were deeply in love with each other. Due to that, Testa had also inked the letter "A" tattoo on her arms.

After their breakup news, fans asked if she would remove the tattoo. So, Testa said that she would not remove the tattoo. In the same way, Testa went on to admit that she would not involve in a romantic affair too.