A Look At Monet McMichael’s Amazon the Drop Collection and the Top Fall Trends

Monet McMichael

Monet McMichael's Amazon, The Drop Collection, was already introduced, and fashion lovers were excited to see McMichael's amazing collection. The collection features a range of must-have styles perfect for fall and beyond, and it's sure to sell out fast.

Her collection is inspired by the beauty and versatility of fall fashion. The designer wanted to create a trendy and timeless collection with pieces easily incorporated into various outfits. For your information, "The Drop" is a series of influencer-designed collections highlighting current fashion trends and delivering of-the-moment pieces.

When Was Monet McMichael's Amazon the Drop Collection Launched?

Monet McMichael worked hard for over four months to launch her clothing collection with Amazon's The Drop. She created her highly-anticipated clothing collection in just a few months and launched it on November 2022.

The collection was live on Amazon for 30 hours. The collection was filled with versatile designs made to order and range from sizes XXS through 3X. Monet's impeccable style radiates sophistication with a touch of quirkiness as she effortlessly pairs classic trench coats with cozy legwarmers, creating an ensemble that perfectly complements her entire wardrobe.

After that, she was also interviewed by E Online, where she also revealed that her drop collection has good staples and a solid foundation for everyone. In the same way, McMichael went on to say that her personal style has also grown with the design process as she took much inspiration from social media.

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Exclusive Insight From Monet McMichael's Collection With the Drop

Every few weeks, Amazon releases a new collection designed by a featured influencer. Monet is one of them whose collection has garnered the eyes of many people. Here's everything you need to know about Monet's Amazon collection from the Drop.

The Drop Women's Black Open Back Rib Top

It is made of 60% cotton and 40% polyester, and one can wear it styled in many different ways.

Open Back Rib Top

The Drop Women's Black Cargo Pants

These amazing cargo pants are made of a medium-weight, soft, stretch twill. This design is available in two different colors: Black and White.

Black Cargo Pants

The Drop Women's Whisper White Open Back Rib Top

The backless long-sleeve top is perfect for year-round wear.

Wishpher White Open Back Rib Top

The Drop Women's Whisper White Cargo Pants

The cargo pants also come in whisper-white color. It is loose-fit and designed for comfort.

Wispher White Cargo Pants

The Drop Women's Desert Sage Lounge Pants

Monet also has desert sage-colored lounge pants to keep comfy and cozy. It is made of a medium-weight, super-soft, cotton-blend fleece.

Desert Sage Lounge Pants

The Drop Women's Charcoal Lounge Pants

To give a cozy vibe, Monet has also introduced charcoal lounge pants that look amazing.

Charcoal Lounge Pants

The Drop Women's Charcoal Tunic with Removable Scarf 

The Charcoal Tunic comes with a removable scarf which is designed with exaggerated proportions.

Charcoal Tunic Removable Scarf

The Drop Women's Micro Chip Cotton Parka

This microchip cotton parka is a perfect fit for summer that can also be paired up with jeans.

Micro Chip Cotton Parka

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Short Details About Monet McMichael

Monet McMichael is a renowned social media personality known primarily for posting POV, beauty, and makeup videos on her social media handles. We can find her active on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

The 23-year-old personality began her self-titled Monet McMichael YouTube channel in November 2012. She now has gained more than 224K subscribers.