Monet McMichael Dating Love Island Alum Jalen Noble: Rumors Confirmed?

Monet McMichael

Monet McMichael is a TikTok star and social media personality who has gained millions of followers on her social media handles. She has been posting videos on TikTok for a long time and has amassed over 2 million followers.

In the same way, McMichael is a YouTuber who shares videos related to fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. With her exciting vlogs and content, McMichael has a considerable fan base, and people are eager to know about her love life. So, here's everything you need to know about her.

Who Is Monet McMichael's Boyfriend?

Since the beginning of 2023, Monet McMichael's fans have been concerned about her love life as she is rumored to be dating a boyfriend. Her rumored boyfriend is said to be Jalen Noble, a social media star and a reality tv star.

McMichael shared a series of GRWM and short-vlog-styled videos about her date on the weekend of January 14. Since then, the topic of her dating life has dragged the eyes of many. It seemed like; it was her first date, as she was excited and nervous simultaneously.

Many people on social media have speculated that McMichael and Jalen are in a relationship. Monet has given hints about her love life going on dates, meeting at fancy restaurants, and much more cute stuff.

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Monet McMichael's Rumored Relationship With Jalen Noble

Till now, Monet McMichael has not revealed the name of her partner, but every fact available on the internet shows that she is dating Jalen Noble. Despite the ongoing rumors, both of them have not addressed or denied rumors. Noble hasn't reacted to anything about this topic.

On the other hand, Monet is keeping her fans updated with her dating life. Recently, Monet also posted a video titled GRWM dating spill... you know why you're here (how we met, content creator, new management, more+) on YouTube, where she opened up about her date and relationship. Her statements in the video clearly showed that she is in a relationship.

In the video, Monet opened up about going on a date. Before talking about that, she also said that she made a tweet writing that a cute guy slid into her dm. So, the boy may be her partner. The mystery guy flew from a different city to have fun and enjoy with Monet. McMichael continued talking about her experience of going with him to different places.

She also revealed that she was having a good time and was vibing with him. In addition to that, Monet said it feels like being a princess. So, this makes it clear that Monet is dating a guy. She also said that she wants to keep her things confidential to some extent, but at the video's end, Monet said that she would keep her followers updated with her dating life.

So, to get future updates regarding her love life, we can follow her on social media. 

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Monet McMichael Is a Rutgers University Nursing Student

Monet McMichael, born on January 26, 2000, is also a nursing student studying at Rutgers University. She was born to her parents, who are reported to be of Puerto Rican and African American descent. 

Nurser Monet McMichael
Monet McMichael is a nursing student at Rutgers University | Source: Instagram

The details regarding her dad and mom remain unknown as Monet is very private when it comes to the topic of her family life.