MrBeast Is Dating New Girlfriend Thea Booysen After Split With Maddy Spidell

MrBeast and Thea Booysen

MrBeast is arguably America's finest YouTube star who has racked up a massive fortune under his name. The millionaire YouTuber is also famous for his extravagant stunts and large charitable donations. Since starting his YouTube channel in 2012, MrBeast has come a long way, gaining millions of followers worldwide.

Being one of the most loved YouTubers, MrBeast does not hesitate to showcase his life to his followers via his YouTube videos and other platforms like Instagram and TikTok. Furthermore, MrBeast not only makes headlines due to his videos but sometimes for his personal life too. Since breaking up with his ex-girlfriend, Maddy Spidell, people's concern regarding his new girlfriend has been in the spotlight for quite a while now.

So, here we are going to talk about everything about his past affairs but first, let's meet his new girlfriend.

Who Is MrBeast New Girlfriend, Thea Booysen?

MrBeast's new girlfriend is reported to be Thea Booysen. She is an online creator who has a strong presence on social media. Thea is mainly a streamer who streams g Gwent: The Witcher Card Game. 

Likewise, Booysen also makes videos on YouTube. Thea gained media attention after being recognized as the girlfriend of MrBeast. They have been seen together quite a few times now. Also, the duo was spotted in Cape Town, South Africa, earlier this year, and Thea shared a picture with MrBeast on her Instagram handle.

Not to mention, Thea is a native of Cape Town, South Africa. Let's explore more about their relationship timeline.

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MrBeast and Thea Booysen Relationship Timeline

MrBeast and Thea Booysen met each other in South Africa. During that time, MrBeast was visiting South Africa along with Logan Paul and Casey Neistat. After meeting each other, Thea also shared some snaps with him on Instagram.

After Cape Town, the duo was again seen at the 2022 Kid's Choice Awards in April, where they posed for snaps together. After that, they also used to exchange comments on each other's posts on social media. Initially, their relationship was not confirmed as they didn't talk much openly, but Yourtango reports they have been dating since February 2022. 

Thea Booysen and MrBeast
Thea Booysen and MrBeast at Cape Town, South Africa ( Source: Instagram )

But the moment came when Thea talked about it in the Wide Awake podcast in October 2022. While talking in the podcast, she revealed that they met each other at a club and were introduced by her friend. Thea also said that MrBeast was "super nice" and "very down to earth." Later in September, MrBeast also opened up about their relationship in the Flagrant podcast.

After their first meeting, MrBeast started DMing her, and after their second and third meeting. The duo made their relationship public in March 2022 when they shared posts about vacationing in the Maldives. Now, they are doing well in their life. Before falling for Thea Booysen, Jimmy Donaldson, aka, MrBeast, was in a relationship with Maddy Spidell.

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Details on MrBeast's Dating Life With His Ex-Girlfriend, Maddy Spidell

MrBeast was previously dating Maddy Spidell. The former lovebirds' relationship was confirmed in 2019 when Spidell tweeted about it. Later, Jimmy also confirmed the happy news. Their last photo of them together was shared in June 2020. 

MrBeast and Maddy Spidell
MrBeast and his ex-girlfriend, Maddy Spidell ( Source: Pinterest )

Not much is known about their love life as both of them mainly kept it away from the public domain. After their split, MrBeast focused on maintaining a balanced personal life. During his interview with Rolling Stone, MrBeast was tight-lipped about his breakup with Spidell. Now, both of them are on their own way.