‘Love Without Borders’ – Are Naeem Thompson and Ori Still Together?

Naeem Thompson and Ori

Love Without Borders enabled one who had failed at finding love in the U.S. to start anew by relocating to a foreign land and uniting with their ideal romantic partner, leaving everything behind. Naeem Thompson left his native land and flew to Panama in Central America to meet his partner Chandra Chugani.

Among other participants, Naeem and Chandra had an amazing bond, leaving people thinking that they may stick together for the rest of their lives even after the show. But it didn't come true as they are no longer together. For your information, Naeem fell for another lady named Ori, with whom he recently got engaged.

Are Naeem Thompson and Ori Still Together?

The answer to the above question is a big Yes. Naeem and Ori are still together, and they are doing great in their love life. Naeem was initially paired up with Chandra Chugani, but after their split, Naeem met Ori. The pair met each other for the first time in Panama City.

Naeem fell hard for Ori, and with only days left on his Visa, he popped up the question and proposed to her. To that proposal, Ori accepted and said, "YES." Both of them took to their respective Instagram handle to announce the news of their relationship. Naeem posted a photo with Ori tagging her. In the picture, we can see Thompson holding a red rose and kissing Ori at the same time.

On the other side, Ori shared a photo of herself on Instagram showing her amazing engagement ring. People quickly congratulated the couple. Since meeting and dating for some time, Naeem and Ori have developed a strong bond, which can be seen via their social media posts. 

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When Are Naeem Thompson and Ori Getting Married? Their Wedding Plans

As we know, Naeem Thompson and Ori took their relationship to the next level by getting engaged recently. They are now ready to get married and are making wedding plans. According to a report by Bravo, the engaged couple may walk down the wedding aisle in early 2023. 

Naeem and Ori went for a lunch date on an amazing plane near the riverside view. During that moment, Naeem thought of proposing to Ori. So, he took out a letter where he wrote a poem for Ori. So, he read out,

"Roses are red; violets are blue; oro means gold. I'm glad I found you. My path to finding you included several trials and several tribulations. However, I remain strong in my faith, trusting it would lead to you."

At last, Naeem kneeled down and took out a ring saying, "Orianna, Will You Marry Me?" So Ori accepted, and they are now engaged. Now, Love Without Borders viewers is eager to see the couple get married. 

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Naeem Thompson and Chandra Chugani Relationships Explored

Before meeting Ori, Naeem Thompson was with Chandra Chugani, who owns the Chugani's Boutique in Panama. Naeem was nervous before meeting Chandra. After meeting, they were caught squabbling about several things leading them to make harsh decisions.

Chandra didn't invite Naeem to her family's Thanksgiving dinner. In the same way, Naeem was shocked when he was on a date with Chandra in a club as her ex-boyfriend Enrique appeared from nowhere. Not only that, the moment heated up when Chugani danced with her ex-boyfriend, and Naeem thought it was inappropriate. 

Chandra Chugani and Naeem Thompson
Chandra Chugani and Naeem Thompson together in a frame | Source: Bravo TV 

Chugani also spent a night with her ex-boyfriend. Later, Chugani also learned that Naeem was on dating apps. So, due to multiple reasons, their relationship couldn't move forward. So, the pair decided to part away and break up. Both of them are in their own ways, and Thompson is happy with his new partner Ori.