How Much Is Actress Robin Tunney Net Worth? Income From TV Shows and Movies

Robin Tunney

Robin Tunney is an American actress who has captivated audiences with her versatile talent and dynamic on-screen presence. She rose to prominence in the mid-1990s with her standout performance in the hit movie Empire Records.

Tunney is also famous for appearing in the movies such as The Craft, Vertical Limit, and End of Days. She has come a long way in this field and has established a name for herself. 

How Robin Tunney Preserved an $8 Million Net Worth?

Robin Tunney is estimated to have a net worth of over $8 million, thanks to her long-term career as an actress. As we know, Tunney has worked on many big-budget movies. She has given her prominent role in The Burning Plain, which was made on a massive budget of $20 million, and grossed $5.5 million.

In the same way, Tunney starred in Twilight Zone in 2003. The budget of the project was between $30,000 and $50,000 per episode. Likewise, she has worked in many movies and tv shows which has helped her accumulate this huge profit. Meanwhile, she is still working in this field, and her recent work can be seen in Dear Edward, where she appeared as Jane. 

Meanwhile, she is also famous for her work in The Mentalist. The project had a massive budget, and it is reported that Tunney was expected to earn nearly $200,000 per episode by the end of the series, being the highest-earning cast of the series. 

Having earned a massive amount of money, Tunney relishes a lavish life. She also makes money from brand endorsement and sponsorship deals. In May 2003, Tunney purchased a home in LA's Los Feliz neighborhood paying $780,000. In July 2014, she listed the home for $1.4 million. 

With a keen eye for luxury and investment, Tunney made a phenomenal move by acquiring a lavish abode in the heart of Beverly Hills. The purchase price of $3.6 million has proven to be a savvy investment, as the property's current estimated value has skyrocketed to a staggering $5 to $6 million.  

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Robin Tunney Bagged Some Cash From Playing Poker

Robin Tunney was not only engaged in the showbiz industry, but she was also involved in the poker world. In 2006, the 50-year-old actress competed in a game show named Celebrity Poker Showdown

She earned $200,000 after coming second to actor Jason Alexander. However, Tunney didn't spend the prize for herself as she gave it to her charity, the Children's Health Fund. In the same way, Tunney competed in the World Series of Poker in 2006. 

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Robin Tunney Movies and TV Shows

Robin Tunney made her debut on the big screen after landing the role of CBS Schoolbreak Special in 1991. In the same year, she starred in Life Goes On, where Tunney played the role of Mary.

Furthermore, Tunney gained recognition for her lead role in the 1997 movie The Craft, which was a commercial success and received positive reviews from audiences and critics alike. From then on, Tunney went on to star in several other popular films and television shows, further solidifying her status as a talented actress and contributing to her rise to fame.

Robin Tunney Movie
Robin Tunney is also a cast of The Fix ( Source: Instagram )

At the time of this post, Tunney has a total of 53 credits as an actress. With her talent and versatility, there is no doubt that Tunney will be gracing the silver screen for years to come.