Facts About Ryan Trahan and His Wife Haley Pham’s Married and Love Life

Ryan Trahan and Haley Pham

Ryan Trahan is a famous YouTuber hailing from the United States of America. The young guy is renowned for his comedy and lifestyle content. Being a vlogger, Trahan also features his daily life in his videos that gains massive views within a short time.

Also, Trahan has not hesitated to introduce his love life to the world. Trahan is a happily married man. Their strong bond and cute moments have dragged many people's eyes. Trahan and Haley used to make regular posts on social media, but it's been a while since both of them have not shared much about their lifestyle.

Due to the above-mentioned reasons, fans have already begun asking if they are still together. Keep reading to know everything regarding their dating timeline and 2023 update.

Meet Ryan Trahan's Wife, Haley Pham: Their Relationship Timeline

Haley Pham is the loving wife of Ryan Trahan. She is not only famous as the wife of Ryan, but she has established a name for herself on the internet. Pham is a well-known YouTuber who shares content related to fashion, beauty, and lifestyle.

Haley Pham
Haley Pham is a renowned YouTuber ( Source: Instagram )

Pham has amassed more than 2.45 million subscribers on her self-titled YouTube channel. Furthermore, Trahan and Pham have been with each other for quite a while now. Like many couples, Trahan and Pham kept their love life away from the spotlight. Due to their lowkey nature, it is unknown when the duo began dating.

Looking at their social media posts, it is believed that they might have been together at least since 2018. Trahan made his first post on Instagram with Pham on July 11, 2018. In the post, Trahan said that they had worked together on a video, and he suggested their viewers watch it on YouTube.

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Ryan Trahan and Haley Pham Surprise Engagement

Ryan Trahan and Haley Pham were doing pretty well in their professional life. They also moved in together and made a video on YouTube. In the video, both of them shared their love story with the world and admitted that their long-distance relationship almost ended their love life. 

Their personal life was hyped when the duo shared the surprising news of their engagement on May 18, 2020. Both of them shared their engaged moments via an Instagram handle. Ryan shared two images of him proposing to Pham, kneeling down. He captioned the post, "I can't wait to build my life with you." 

Likewise, Pham also posted some moments regarding her happiness. Many people commented and wished them the best for the future. However, some of them even criticized, saying that Pham was too young to get engaged and married. Later, she also made a video elaborating on the reason behind her engagement. 

Ryan Trahan and Haley Pham Intimate Wedding Ceremony

Ryan Trahan and Haley Pham used to share their wedding plans after getting engaged. Through their combined YouTube channel, they shared everything regarding their marriage preparation. Since October 2020, they have instantly stopped, leaving viewers thinking they may have taken off their engagement.

Later, it was known that they stopped due to the COVID-19 breakout. On November 18, 2020, the engaged couple secretly got married. They also didn't share the news with the world for around two months. In February 2021, it was revealed that Trahan and Pham had already tied the knot.

Due to that, many of their well-wishers weren't happy, and the duo received a huge backlash. Later, the married couple apologized for it and deleted their joint YouTube channel.

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Are Ryan Trahan and Haley Pham Still Married?

The answer to the above question is a big yes. Ryan Trahan and Haley Pham are still married. There is no news of their separation. However, they do not post much on social media.

Ryan Trahan and Haley Pham
Ryan Trahan and Haley Pham in a holiday ( Source: Instagram )

Being together for quite a while now, they have not given birth to any children yet. So, we can say that Trahan and his wife live a private life happily.