Are Shreyas Mehta and Gurleen Virk From Love Without Borders Still Together?

Gurleen Virk and Shreyas Mehta

Bravo TV's Love Without Borders has gained widespread recognition as the dating show experiment for those who have struggled to find love within the United States to embark on a journey of cross-cultural exploration and self-discovery.

In the show season 1, Gurleen Virk left her San Deigo home to meet her potential soulmate Shreyas Mehta in Dubai. Right from the start, the relationship between Gurleen and Shreyas was a tumultuous journey marked by ups and downs. So, Love Without Borders viewers is eager to find out whether Gurleen and Shreyas are still together or not.

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Are Love Without Borders Gurleen Virk and Shreyas Mehta Still Together?

No, Gurleen Virk and Shreyas Mehta are not together, as they couldn't continue as lovebirds. They chose to remain as friends as they thought it would be best for both of them. In the therapy session, Gurleen told Arica that staying in Dubai was negatively impacting her mental health. Due to that, she needed to return to San Diego.

In the same way, she was asked about her feelings for Mehta, to which she said there was no romance. From that, it becomes clear that they both avoided continuing their relationship as a boyfriend and a girlfriend.

Since Gurleen had already left Dubai before Love Without Borders wrapped up, Shreyas was matched with another single named Gabrielle. On the other side, Virk returned for the show's finale to share the happy news that her dating someone special who she wanted to spend the rest of her life with. She didn't reveal the name of her partner, but we can see her happiness and excitement

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Gurleen Virk and Shreyas Mehta Journey at Love Without Borders

As mentioned earlier, Gurleen Virk packed her bag and flew to Dubai to find a partner, where she met another cast, Shreyas Mehta. Gurleen experienced cultural shock, but the two clicked instantly when they met. 

However, as they spent more time together exploring the city and engaging in activities like camel riding, problems in their relationship began to arise. Gurleen later discovered that Shreyas still lived with his big family and that she was also expected to do the same. 

So, Gurleen decided to tell Shreyas' family that they would be living separately from the family and that they had already begun to find an apartment. His family could understand the situation, but Shreyas was not entirely on board with the moving-out situation. Their relationship got more problems when Virk was asked about their physical compatibility.

Not only that, Mehta's friends asked Virk about taking their relationship to the next level. Due to that, Gurleen thought that her partner didn't stand up in that situation. That situation was also a prominent part of their relationship problems. Going through multiple problems, they were trying to stick together. Not only that, but Mehta has also shared some snaps with Virk on Instagram, where we can find him as @shreyas_mehta.

In the same way, they went for a couple of therapy where Virk and Mehta met Arica Angelo, the relationship expert and host. Despite all these, their relationship couldn't work out, and they are no longer together. 

Short Details About Gurleen Virk and Shreyas Mehta

Gurleen Virk is a 28-year-old program manager serving at Google. Virk earned her B.A. Political Science and Government from UC San Diego. She has gained broad experience as Virk has worked in many companies. Reportedly, she worked at Law Offices of William J. Ward, APC, Moore, Schulman, & Moore, APC.

Shreyas Mehta
Model Shreyas Mehta shares a photo from Dubai ( Source: Instagram )

On the other side, Shreyas Mehta is a male model based out of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. He was originally from India and then moved to Dubai. Being a model, he has worked in many events from Runway-IIJW 2013 to Tassel Designers Awards 2013. Also, Shreyas has worked with some big brands, such as Loreal Paris and Fashion Ethics.