Who Is SSSniperWolf Dating Now? A Complete History of Her Relationship With Boyfriend


Alia Shelesh, aka SSSniperWolf, is a popular YouTube content creator known for her entertaining gaming and cosplay videos. Over the years, she has built a massive following of fans who love her energetic and engaging personality and her expertise in the gaming world.

Having a solid fanbase, they are eager to know about her dating life, as her relationship with fellow YouTuber Evan Sausage was once a hot topic on the internet. Together with Sausage, SSSniperwolf has gone through many ups and downs. They are no longer together, but their dating history is still in people's minds.

Who Is the Boyfriend of SSSniperwolf?

SSSniperwolf seems to be leading a solitary life and does not have a boyfriend at the time of this post. Since her split with Evan Sausage, she has not been spotted with any other romantic interest. In the same way, she has not made a single post about her love affair on social media, which makes it clear that she is a single lady.

Meanwhile, her ex-boyfriend Evan Sausage is a YouTube gamer and vlogger who has gained massive subscribers on his channel. He is famous for playing games such as Metal Gear Solid, Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto. The 30-year-old YouTuber has also posted several challenge videos. 

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How Did SSSniperwolf and Evan Sausage Meet? Relationship Timeline

SSSniperwolf shared a video on YouTube in 2015 titled "How I Met My Boyfriend." In the 6 minutes 39, second long video, she elaborated on her first meeting with Sausage. SSSniperwolf said it began when Evan messaged her on YouTube, saying, "I would drag my balls through a field of broken glass just to hear you fart through a walkie-talkie." 

The message of Evan made SSSniperwolf laugh so hard, and she also went on to reveal how they exchanged numbers. After that, they used to talk for hours on the phone and messages. After some time, they decided to meet in person. 

For your information, Evan initially catfished SSniperwolf as he sent a fake photo to his girlfriend. When Evan sent Alia the real photo, she liked it as SSSniperwolf loves long hair and a beard. While in a relationship, they went through many hard times. Despite that, they stuck up together and later also went on to buy a house.

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Are Evan Sausage and SSSniperwolf Still Dating?

As both of them have stopped posted sharing their images and videos, we believe that they are no longer together. Evan and SSSniperwolf have not opened up their mouth to admit their breakup officially. However, their distance makes it clear that they are not dating.

On May 24, 2016, SSSniperwolf shared a video titled, "WE BROKE UP." Later on June 9, another video was uploaded that said, "WE GOT BACK TOGETHER." On September 28 of the same year, another video was shared about their breakup. The former pair have also gone through some legal issues.

SSSniperwolf and Evan Sausage
SSSniperwolf and Evan Sausage are no longer together

She uploaded a video named "ARRESTED." In that video, she explained that she got into a fight with Sausage because he changed his phone background to an image of another girl. SSSniperwolf was arrested for disorderly conduct, as was Evan, after having a screaming fit. In another video, she also revealed that she and Evan were arrested in 2013.

The reason for their detention was for arm robbery. After all these issues, they were still together, but after some years, they stopped featuring each other on their social media handles which left people thinking that they were not dating.