Where Is Talia Ray Now? Larry Ray’s Daughter Update in 2023

Talia Ray

Larry Ray is a former New York-based financial adviser who was convicted of a range of charges, including sex trafficking, extortion, and forced labor. He was accused of leading a cult-like group that recruited young women, many of them vulnerable or from troubled backgrounds, and then subjected them to physical, emotional, and psychological abuse.

In February 2020, he was arrested and later convicted on multiple charges, including sex trafficking, extortion, and forced labor. After that, he was sentenced to prison. On January 20, 2023, he was sentenced to 60 years without the possibility of parole. His victims were particularly young people, and all of them are still recovering, while people are eager to know about the present status of his daughter Talia Ray.

Who Is Larry Ray's Daughter Talia Ray?

Talia Ray is the daughter of sex cult leader Larry Ray. She was found to be a co-conspirator in the Sarah Lawrence College sex abuse scandal. Talia grew up in New Jersey as the elder of two sisters. Amid her parents' contentious divorce proceedings in the mid-2000s, Talia bravely spoke out about the abuse she suffered, alleging that both her mom and dad were responsible, with her father orchestrating the abuse.

After her parents' divorce, Talia defied the court's ruling by refusing to surrender primary custody to her mother. After that, she stayed at a local youth shelter and supported her dad, who moved in with her on the college campus. 

Likewise, Larry was hosting movie screenings and buying the student's pricey take-out. Unfortunately, the situation quickly took a dark turn. Larry's actions escalated to sexual grooming, trafficking, and horrific forms of punishment and intimidation. According to the NY Post, his pattern of victimizing and isolating individuals from their loved ones was not limited to just his daughter's classmates.

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What Happened to Talia Ray and Her Sister Ava?

Back in 2020, Talia Ray told NY Post that she hadn't spoken with her younger sister Ava for nearly 15 years. Talia once uploaded a video one day before Ava's 15th birthday. In the video, Talia said that Ava was a kindergartener when they separated.

Talia Ray Friends
Talia Ray with her friends in 2013

The Ray sisters separated when their parents divorced in 2004. Once, New Jersey's child-welfare department official asked Ava if her mother had ever hit her. Ava said that her father taught her to say her mother abused her. Later, her mother, Teresa, was granted custody of her kids, and Ava stayed with her while Talia was in youth shelters.

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What Is Talia Ray Doing in 2023? Recent Update

Talia Ray has preferred to stay away from the limelight, and there is not much detail about her current status. It is said that she may be living in the North Carolina area. It's the place where her step-grandfather Gordon Ray lives.

Not only that, but North Carolina is also a place that she began calling home after taking a job at The Country Bookshop in Southern Pines. Furthermore, Talia also has a Facebook account, and her bio reads that she works as Paralegal at Southern Coalition for Social Justice. 

In the same way, she was a Former Campaign manager at Simon for House. Also, Talia has experience working at The Pilot Newspaper. The last post she made on Facebook was on August 18, 2020.