Did Anastasia Have a Boyfriend During The Bachelor? Meet Her All Drama, Explained

Anastasia Keramidas

A Content marketing manager named Anastasia Keramidas was once a hot topic, and her name got widespread recognition following multiple dramas. Anastasia is a native of Baltimore, Maryland, residing in San Diego, California. Since November 2020, she has been working at Mint Mobile as a Content Marketing Manager.

Also, she is a content creator and owner of AnastasiaMidas.com. Like many participants, Anastasia also faced some controversy during the show. Kylee Russell accused the week four eliminated contestant in week four of using Zach and going on the dating show for Instagram followers. Besides that allegation, Anastasia is again facing another one. So, let's find in-depth below.

Did Anastasia Have a Boyfriend During the Bachelor?

Anastasia Keramidas from the Bachelor was alleged to be in a relationship while being in the show. During the preview of Women Tell All, she was accused of having a boyfriend while on the show.

In the Women Tell All special, Cat Wong remarks, "Anastasia, you had a boyfriend on the show." But Anastasia denies the assertion saying, "Ok, boyfriend, you were f******, I don't know."

Anastasia Keramidas and Zach
Anastasia Keramidas and Zach together in a frame ( Source: Instagram )

Reality Steve also said that Anastasia had an affair while on the show. In the same way, he had already given another spoiler that Christina and Anastasia would be a hot topic. So, it is clear that Anastasia is already in people's eyes for the wrong reasons.

When speaking about the content marketing manager called out for having a boyfriend during the Women Tell All preview, Reality Steve said he received emails about the accusations all season. 

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Anastasia Defended Herself for Not Having a Boyfriend

As said earlier, Anastasia was accused of having a boyfriend while on the show. Cat Wong said, "You called him in The Bahamas when you got your phone back." She even referred to the guy who had Anastasia's dog on his Instagram.

Wong said she wasn't sure if he was her boyfriend or someone, but she said she had receipts that Anastasia was involved with someone. Cat even added that the alleged mystery man watched her dog while she was filming.

However, Anastasia denied the allegation and said her mom was actually the one who was watching the dog. After that, she straightly said she didn't have a boyfriend and does not have one now too. She even challenged and said, "I can show you the receipts of when those photos were taken. They were taken the week before I came here when I was at my friend's wedding, and he was there. Because he lives in Seattle."

Likewise, Cat didn't stop making claims and said Anastasia was going on the show for a business opportunity. 

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Anastasia Was Accused of Using Zach for Instagram Followers

Kylee Russell, a 25-year-old postpartum nurse, accused Anastasia four weeks for using Zach to gain Instagram followers. Kylee told Zach, "She's constantly talking about the amount of Instagram followers she's going to get while being here."

Zach gets scared as he may end up with someone who was on the show for the wrong reasons. He said, "I am terrified that I would end up with someone who was here for the wrong reasons; that's really not there to love me and have a future, but really there for the fame."

There is no shadow of a doubt that Anastasia's followers on Instagram have increased since coming on the reality dating show. She is available as @anastasiamidas and has over 29k followers at the time of this post.