What Happened to TikTok Rapper Yung Hashtag Died at the Age of 27 || Cause of Death Revealed

Yung Hashtag

Yung Hashtag was a prominent rapper from America who was famous primarily on TikTok. Yung is currently in the spotlight as his death news is circulating like wildfire. 

Since joining TikTok in 2017, he has earned over 500k followers. So, his well-wishers are now paying tribute to their favorite artists. Here's everything you need to know about the late rapper.

What Happened to TikTok Rapper Yung Hashtag?

American rapper famous on TikTok, Yung Hashtag, is no more with us. He passed away at the age of 27. His death news first circulated on the internet on January 15, 2023. One of his close friends, Kastro MN'Sota, shared a video confirming the devastating news yesterday. While confirming the information, Kastro said, 

"I just want to be the one to come out and say that [Yung Hashtag] tragically lost his life. I don't know the details; if you watch our content, we go back, and we built a relationship off this app as brothers."

"He was one of the most humble people" and asked viewers to "go show his page some love. Show his people that he was cared about."

After that, the video took over social media and Yung's fans, and followers began sharing their condolence. Meanwhile, some people were shocked and devasted to hear the tragic news of Yung's passing. Many of Yung's supporters herded to the comments of his recent videos to share their prayers for his family and grow their support.

One user writes, "Him and Takeoff were mad humble like why people resort to using guns." Another wrote, "nooooo my favorite TikTok sending my condolence." In this way, social media is covered with tributes to the late soul.

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How Did Yung Hashtag Die? Cause of Death

Yung Hashtag is making headlines due to the news of his death. On Sunday, a TikTok user registered as @jokerswild714 shared about six videos, sharing the news of Yung's passing. The user addressed the rapper as Mikey and disclosed that someone killed him with a gun. 

Referring to the rising gun violence in America, the user urged young people to put their guns down. The same user said a person with a gun probably came at Hashtag, but the rapper stood his ground and fought the person, even though he had no weapon. 

However, this person's uncle did not like that his nephew got beaten up. So in return, he shot and killed the rapper. From that, many have speculated that Hashtag's cause of death is due to the gun shooting. However, the official news is yet to come as none of the official sites or Yung's family members have opened up their mouths regarding his untimely death.

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Michael Burns Is the Real Name of Yung Hashtag – Details To Know

Yung Hashtag was born in the United States of America. His real name is Michael Burns. His musical career kicked off in 2017. Burns was a prominent rapper famous on TikTok, and some of his notable credits include I Hate Hashtag, Make a Move, and Off the Clock.

In 2020, he released an album that many people loved. When the news of his death came into the media, many people asked questions about his family and personal life. It seems like, Hashtag was in a relationship. 

Yung Hashtag
Yung Hashtag was a TikTok rapper from the US ( Source: Instagram )

A TikTok user, @jahnaforeign, who may have been romantically involved with Yung Hashtag, confirmed the news in her own comment on the video. She shared her sadness by writing, "I love you so much, baby. I don't wanna do life without you." 

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