TikTok Scar Girl Opens Up About Scar on Her Face: Is It Fake or Real?

Scar Girl

Annie Bonelli is a student and TikTok star who is widely famous as Scar Girl. She has been making headlines on the internet for quite a while now, and it is all due to the scar on her right cheek. For nearly two years, she has been dubbed "scar girl" by many TikTok viewers who have been asked about her facial scar. 

Recently, concerns regarding her scar have reached their height among people as many think it is fake. However, she has already opened up about it. If you are eager to know about it, keep reading till the end.

Scar Girl Real Name Is Annie Bonelli – All About Her Parents and Family

Scar Girl, famous as Annie Bonelli, is a TikTok star. Apart from being a social media sensation, she is an 18-year-old college student. Bonelli is in her first year at High Point University. For her schooling, she went to East Lyme High School.

Scar Girl Friends
Scar Girl with her friends in an event ( Source: Instagram )

Her parents raised her in Niantic, Connecticut. As the TikTok star has kept her family details private, we are unable to disclose her parents' names too. However, we can say that she has received great support from them. The 5 feet 5 inches tall Annie is also an athlete who played softball during her high school.

Apart from that, she is also into photography and videography. Furthermore, we can find her on Instagram as @annbonelli, from where she shares her daily life updates and proudly shows her scar too.

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Is Annie Bonelli's Scar Real or Fake?

Annie Bonelli has been dubbed "Scar Girl" by social media users due to the prominent scar on her cheek. According to Know Your Meme, Annie first displayed her scar on TikTok in 2021. It has continued to be visible in her pictures on Instagram, her university video diary, and her TikTok videos up until 2023.

Furthermore, she has confirmed its authenticity by attempting to remove it in multiple TikTok videos. We can also find those videos on her TikTok account, which has gained millions of views. She has done everything to prove that her scar is not fake. Despite that, people are saying that it is fake.

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Annie Bonelli, Aka Scar Girl, Opens Up About Her Scar

Due to her scar, Annie Bonelli has received mixed comments from people. There are tons of people criticizing her and saying that Bonelli is doing that just for views and to get famous. Recently, she also interviewed with N.B.C. News, where she opened up about her scar. In that interview, Bonelli said, 

"My parents always told me, 'Don't say things about people's bodies, don't make comments about other people, don't say things about what other people can't control."

This also makes it clear that Bonelli has received massive support from her parents. As mentioned earlier, Annie got her scar in March 2021 when she was 15 years and a junior in high school. She has not shared specific details about it as she wants to keep it private. As evident in several of Bonelli's TikToks from June 2021, the scar started to fade after a few months. However, Bonelli reported that her attempts to use a topical treatment to fade the original scar in late 2021 worsened the scar.

Annie disclosed that the use of the topical caused a chemical burn, leading to a new wound on top of the original scar. Despite any opinions about her scar, Bonelli maintains a positive outlook on her situation.