The Story of Trevor Noah’s Father Robert Noah | Who Are Trevor Noah's Parents?

Patricia Noah and Robert Noah

In the present context, being close to renowned celebrities helps them to get into the spotlight. We've got a record of many famous family members, and one of them is Robert Noah. He is a European who is said to be the proprietor of the first integrated restaurant opened in South Africa during apartheid rule.

Despite his professional life, Robert gained widespread recognition as the biological father of renowned comedian Trevor Noah. Trevor is a 38-year-old comedian born in Johannesburg, Transvaal, South Africa. His parents fought the apartheid-era restrictions, got into a relationship, and had him. 

In his memoir named, Born a Crime, Trevor revisits his childhood and talks about his father, Robert. So, here is everything you need to know about the comedian's parents and family life.

Who Are Patricia Noah and Robert Noah? Details About Trevor's Parents

Trevor Noah was born on February 20, 1984, in Johannesburg, Transvaal, South Africa, to his parents Patricia Noah (mother) and Robert Noah (father). His dad, Robert, is of Swiss-German ancestry, while his mom, Patricia, is Xhosa. Under apartheid legislation, Patricia was classified as Black, and Robert was classified as White.

Trevor Noah
Early photos of Trevor Noah with his mother

Their relationship was not identified, legitimate, or decriminalized at the time of Trevor's birth; therefore, the comedian was raised by his mother and grandmother in a segregated township apart from his dad. 

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Trevor Noah's Father, Robert Noah, Worked as a Chef

Robert Noah, whose real name is Robert Llyod, reportedly has a dual nationality of Swiss-Germany. Robert came to live and work in South Africa in the 1980s, which was a time when apartheid rule was in full swing. It is known that Robert didn't like the apartheid law and was not in tune with the political problem in South Africa. 

Robert hated the government that executed apartheid and didn't understand why the whites crushed the black South Africans in their nation. He was empathetic towards black South Africans and did many activities to help them. Furthermore, Robert met his wife, Patricia, in Johannesburg. During that time, he was working as a professional chef.

Robert had a good reputation in New York and Canada and owned a restaurant in Johannesburg, South Africa. In his kitchen, he employed black South Africans. The restaurant was allowed to run under a special license distributed by the government out of need. However, few people were happy about the restaurant's idea and wanted to bring it down through several petitions. They noted unhealthy practices and environmental violations. 

Furthermore, Robert and Patricia spent time together as they resided on the same floor of the same apartment. They shared a strong bond and became good friends over time. The two eventually end up having a child together, and the child is none other than Trevor Noah. They kept their relationship private, but things got hard after welcoming their child. 

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Robert Noah Struggled To Accept Trevor Noah

When Trevor Noah was born, interracial relationships were banned and illegal. Due to that, Patricia had to lie to doctors about his biological dad during birth. If it was found to be a biracial child, Patricia could be jailed for five years and the child placed in an orphanage. After that, Robert moved away from the flat, which maintained the distance between Patricia and their son.

Despite being away from their lives, Robert began searching for them and decided to co-parent their son. It is reported that they would meet at the park when nobody was around. Later, Trevor began recognizing his father's face and calling him daddy. Trevor's mom decided to act as a maid to cover things up and make it more comfortable for Robert to see his son.

Later, Robert also moved to a newly segregated area called Yeoville. For your information, Patricia was later married to another man. When Trevor turned 24, he encouraged his mother to find his dad. During that time, he had not seen his father for ten years. As Robert later came to Cape Town, Trevor visited him. Now, Robert lives a low-key life, and we expect that he has a good bond with his son.