Who Is Vika Abbyaeva Boyfriend Richard Chang? Inside Their Relationship Timeline and Age Gap

Vika Abbyaeva and Richard Chang

Currently, Netflix viewers are enjoying Bling Empire: New York. Couples like Stephen Hung and Deborah Hung are in the spotlight due to their immense wealth. When Vika Abbyaeva and Richard Chang were announced as another lovebird, fans were concerned about their relationship timeline.

Once Richard revealed that he had been on thousands of dates before meeting Vika. Since falling for Vika, their bond has been inseparable. So, before learning about their love life, let's get short insights into Richard's professional life.

Vika Abbyaeva's Boyfriend, Richard Chang, Is a Millionaire

Vika Abbyaeva's boyfriend, Richard Chang, works as chief growth officer at health company Hudson + Medical, where he has worked since December 2021. Regarding his education, Chang went to the New York University's Stern School of Business, from where he earned degrees in Finance and Marketing, along with Photography.

Richard began his professional career as a Sales Associate for Barneys New York in January 2006. In September of the same year, he became a Consultant for Forensic and Litigation with FTI Consulting. In August 2017, he established Un Poco Loco, an experiential fast-casual taco restaurant idea. Currently, he is also the company's advisor. 

Likewise, Richard has worked with many brands, which have helped him preserve a considerable fortune. He is also the s Director of Merchandise Planning at Calvin Klein. With that, Cinemaholic has estimated Richard's net worth to be around $2.5 million. 

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All About Vika Abbyaeva and Richard Chang Relationship Timeline and Age Gap

According to Gossip Next Door, Vika Abbyaeva and Richard Chang met each other around 2020. After knowing each other for some time, they moved together before the COVID lockdown. They reportedly spent the whole time together, which blossomed their romance. In the Netflix show, Chang said, "In the last couple of years, I've probably been easily on a thousand dates. I had to try a lot of different flavors in order to know what I actually liked. But then, I met Vika."

Richard Chang and Vika Abbyaeva
Richard Chang and Vika Abbyaeva from Bling Empire ( Source: Reality TitBit )

Once, they had some issues when Vika went on a lady's trip to the Bahamas, as Richard didn't want Vika to go. However, Richard regretted the decision to say his decision about Vika's trip. When Vika returned from the trip, Richard apologized. After that, their love life got stronger and are happier than ever. 

Furthermore, we can see them having a good time in many places. Not to mention, the lovebirds share 11 years of an age gap, but the age difference has not affected their love.

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Why Did Vika Abbyaeva Stop Her Boyfriend Richard Chang's Mid-Proposal in Bling Empire: New York?

Apart from the couple's issues related to Vika's trip to the Bahamas, their dating life got more into the spotlight when Vika stopped Richard's mid-proposal. That left Netflix viewers shocked. At the end of this season of Bling Empire: New York, Chang starts a romantic speech about how important Abbyaeva is to him. But before he can pop the question, Vika interrupts him.

Vika said, "If you are going where I think you are going, I have to stop you. Okay?" Likewise, she told her boyfriend that she didn't want to rush their relationship. Vika also said that it is not the right time to get engaged while everything is going on. Although Abbyaeva assured him that she was happy in the relationship, Chang didn't seem positive at the end of the season.

After that, people speculated they might part away, but the couple is still together, and their life is going well.