The power of corporate videos shouldn’t be underestimated. They can be used in a variety of ways to boost everything from onboarding practices to strengthening relationships with existing stakeholders. Embedding corporate videos into your overall brand strategy is the best way to harness their potential and take full advantage of the benefits they offer.

The Benefits of Corporate Videos

There are loads of advantages to using corporate videos. Here are the main ways they can level up your processes, reach, and ability to connect with stakeholders.

Gets the Information Across Quickly

One of the best things about corporate videos is that they allow you to make your point quickly. There’s no need for customers, stakeholders, or employees to wade through a ton of printed or online material. Instead, a corporate video disseminates information efficiently and concisely, whether that’s a new employee onboarding guide or a glossy advertisement showing off your services to potential clients.

Enhances Information Retention

Videos are a powerful way to ensure the best viewer retention possible. Studies consistently show that we take in information presented to us visually more than in any other format. It’s another great reason to include corporate videos in your overall brand strategy.

Build Credibility and Trust

Corporate videos are a great way to develop credibility and trust with customers and stakeholders. They allow you to powerfully present personal testimony and humanize your brand to create a solid relationship with the people who matter. Corporate video production should always take into account the importance of the personal touch and this ‘human’ element built into the content wherever possible.

Showcase Your Brand’s Values

It’s one thing to tell stakeholders about your brand’s values and ethos – it’s another thing entirely to show them. Use a corporate video to highlight your business’s work culture and the things that are most important to your brand. This can be a great way to attract new hires, as well as new customers.

Boost Your Reach

A corporate video isn’t limited to physical geography. Even if your employees or clients are spread all over the world, this type of content allows you to effectively reach them to showcase your brand. Given that a video can be used across a multitude of channels, too, such as your social media platforms, this equals a great return on your investment.

Increase Conversion Rates

Studies prove that video explainers on a website or social platform can have a huge effect on conversion rates, boosting sales dramatically and getting viewers clicking through to your website or for more brand or product information. For your sales departments, the effects of embedding corporate videos into a marketing strategy are significant: research has shown this can result in an increase of leads of up to 65%.

How to Embed Corporate Videos into Your Brand Strategy

So, we’ve had a look at some of the many benefits of corporate videos, but how do we go about incorporating them into our overall brand strategy? Here’s how to do it.

Training Videos

Start by thinking about where you could replace current written training materials – such as new employee onboarding guides – with a video version. As well as being more engaging than a paper tome, a training video means that the information presented is easy-to-follow, consistent, and reflects your brand.

New Product or Service Videos

Corporate videos are a great way to introduce a new product or service. They allow you to really get across the wow factor when it comes to features and benefits and showcase the product in action with live demonstrations. They’re a great way to incorporate a super-charged call to action, too.

Trust-Building Testimonials

Sharing real-life testimonials in a video format is an effective means of boosting trust and building your brand’s reputation. Such videos have been shown to significantly affect a potential customer’s decision-making and could well be the thing that nudges them into making a purchase from you – rather than your competitors.

Brand Showcase

Creating a robust video marketing strategy should be a key element of your overall marketing plan – especially in today’s world, where viewers want information on tap and delivered concisely. Rather than concentrating on selling a product or service, a brand video should present the company’s identity, mission, values, and vision. They make for a great opportunity to highlight, for example, your commitment to sustainability or supporting local businesses.

Final Thoughts

Corporate videos can be an extremely powerful tool in your business’s arsenal. From more efficient onboarding processes to building your customer base, videos should be deployed as an inherent part of your overall business strategy to see the best results.


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